Happy National Donut Day! « Any and Everywhere

Happy National Donut Day!

By | June 3, 2016

Birdies Fried Chicken Donut Sandwich - Any and Everywhere

Celebrate today, Friday, with your sweet and savory doughnut-loving friends. It’s National Donut Day! Cupcakes had their reign of sugar a few years ago, now we’re on to doughnuts. L.A.’s dotted with shops in every neighborhood, including a few of the newer locations serving chef-driven, artisan, and even vegan or gluten-free, specialties for hungry customers. Chef Jason Harley from DTLA’s Birdies is on a roll right now with his fried chicken and doughnut combo shop. You’re invited to Birdies for two menu additions that are great for summer, along with the house’s regular line-up. Home cooks, Chef J is also sharing recipes on CBSLA.com today. For the full article, click HERE.

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